Adult Learning

Adult Leaning sessions are designed for those who are seeking employment or wishing to develop their employment opportunities within the children’s workforce. 

Participants will develop competencies at the Universal Level of the "Speech, Language and Communication Framework". 

Please click on the link below for further information regarding the "Speech, Language and Communication Framework."

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Our course participants in June 2011 had this to say:

Course content: 100% said this exceeded their expectations

Course presentation: 100% said this exceeded their expectations

Learning Outcomes: 50% said these met their expectations, 50% said these exceeded their expectations

Course venue: 100% said this exceeded their expectations

Participants comments included:

"What changes would you have made?"

100% of participants said "none" or "none really", in addition to comments below:

"I would have liked it to have been longer, only because I enjoyed it so much"

"Maybe the option of a full day"

"Maybe more case studies if time allowed"

"What did you like the best?"

"Concise, easy to digest information"

"Interaction with the group"

"Practical as well as the theory exercises"

"Liked the variety of learning activities, presentation and environment"

"Enjoyed it all" 

"Would you recommend this training to others?"

100% of participants said "yes"

 "Happy Talk Speech and Language Therapy Services"  run workshops as an introduction to skills and knowledge for those who wish to work with / support children’s speech, language and communication.

These are introductory modules aiming to introduce participants to information and simple strategies so that they will have a greater understanding of speech, language and communication and how they can contribute to supporting all children’s speech, language and communication skills.

Participants will learn:

* The importance of speech, language and communication development for children.

* The types of speech, language and communication difficulties children may experience.

* The importance of a supportive communicative environment and the role of the adult.

* The role of the speech and language therapist and how to link with local providers and where to find further information.